Monday, June 25, 2012

The Littlest Bookworm

Henry and I had another very busy weekend, completing many more projects around the house - especially in the baby's room!  I know last week I said the bunny knob in the bathroom was my favorite part of the room...but these new bookshelves have won my heart:

I need to get a wider shot of the whole room, but the rest isn't quite done, so that'll have to wait.  Don't they look awesome?!  I'm going to have to rotate books in and out of them because she has too many cool ones to fit.  Henry did a great job hanging them.  The big comfy chair we ordered will go in the corner right below them. 

I ordered the shelves from Clear Solutions Displays after seeing them on another blog, Effortless Style.  They are 36" long and were only $11 a piece!  I ordered them last Tuesday and they arrived on Friday - impressive.  We are very happy with them, and they really add a lot to her little room.

I also finally put together another little project for the baby:

It's a little homage to one our favorite movies, "Up."  We especially love the "Carl and Ellie" portion of the movie...I don't think any movie sequence has made me cry happy/sad tears like the opening of that movie does (and there isn't even dialogue!  It's so beautiful.)  I ordered the little pin from an Etsy shop, "ChunkeeMonkeeBow" (ha, what a name!) for just $3 and used some fabric scraps from another project (the fabric actually used to be a pair of Ikea curtains in our old place) to pin it inside the frame.  It makes me very happy.

Aunt Jayne gave us this "Up" poster which will also be in Lil Homey's room (but in a white frame):

"Up" poster found here on Etsy.

It's been SO FUN to finally get all of these things put together...we're almost done! 


  1. LOVE!!! you are so stinking creative! I'm totally stealing the bookshelves for Mallory's room!! Can't wait to see the whole thing!!

    1. yes, let's put those shelves in Mallory's room too!! i'm just stealing ideas from the internets Carrie Anne :) love you!

  2. gurrrrrl!!!! i didn't know you had a blog!!
    shit. sorry times a million.

    i'll be back.

    1. no worries, we're still new to this whole blogging thing and don't "publicize" it very well...excited to see you here though, thanks! you're obvi my fav and my best.

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  4. What did you use to hang them up? I ordered them but not sure what to use because of the weight of the books