Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Short End of the Stick

Like sister like sister! I copied Katie (although quite a few months later) and got my hair cut off. It was just time. I can only grow my hair out so long before I get completely sick of dealing with it. I'm meant to be a short-haired person I think.

Went from this (most recent pic):

To this:

Looks like I need to work on making the back a little more even. But this is seriously the super easiest hair cut I've ever had. So fast to wash and dry, and then I just give it a little curl with my straightener (works better than the curling iron in this case) and done!

I like to think my hair now looks/could look something like this (or does in my head at least):

via google

Any chance I get to compare myself to Katie Holmes, I will. I have found my hairdresser for life here now. She cut my hair like a picture I had pinned earlier that day without me even mentioning it or showing it to her. She can read my thoughts. I will never betray a hairdresser who can do that.

Here's to a great hair day for all.

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