Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Luckiest

We happen to have the coolest parents in the world... and today happens to be their anniversary.
It's a pretty special day to us, too—one we wouldn't be here without. ;) There's no way to say thank you for the role models they've always been for us and continue to be now in our own marriages. We love you guys!

Mom & Dad on their wedding day (June 14, 1980):

On Katie's wedding day (May 17, 2008):

On my wedding day (September 25, 2010):

(All wedding photos - with the exception of Mom & Dad's - are courtesy of Bobbi+Mike.) 

Aren't they the cutest (although I know they would make gagging noises if I said that to them). 
And Katie, Sam, and I are...the luckiest. Happy anniversary!

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