Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pink and Yellow, Pink and Yellow, Pink and Yellow, Pink and Yellow

As soon as I saw this picture, I thought of that Wiz Khalifa song. One of Dac's favorites to sing. Then I thought, what an awesome color combo this is.

I already had this skirt from Anthro:

So, inspired by that pretty picture, I bought this little oh-so-afforable ($13) top from H&M:

I can't help but feel I will look a little Easter egg-ish... or maybe cotton candy? But it's fun nonetheless.

Today is my official last day at my current job, I'm heading to Vegas this evening (a previously-planned trip, not to celebrate my new or old job), and starting my new job on Monday. One heck of an exciting week/weekend. And even better than all that, Baby Wendel will be here so very soon!
I am one truly...
sweet print via minted 

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