Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Happens In Vegas, Leave It In Vegas

That's the phrase on the cheap shirt Dac picked out for me in Vegas. We saw a t-shirt shop on the old strip downtown with t-shirts 4 for $10. We each had to pick one out for each other. He picked that one for me because the phrase, while it makes sense I suppose, just slightly missed the mark if it was going for the ever popular phrase "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

So, some highlights from our trip. I had a blast on my first trip with Dac. He was there the whole week for a conference, and I joined him Thursday night. We stayed at the Bellagio (where he was the whole week), which is just perfection. 

1. We ate at Olives (Todd English's restaurant at the Bellagio) before seeing "O" (also at the Bellagio). Olives looks out over Lake Bellagio, so we had a nice view of the fountain show. Would highly recommend both. O is amazing.

By the fountains.
At O.

2. Random Exploring at casinos I hadn't been to, like Aria. 

Me making an... Elvis face? Not in the slightest.

3. Characters were out in full force trying to get you to tip them for a photo. We saw about 10 different Hello Kitties. We decided these guys probably make a pretty decent amount of money in tips, but it still wouldn't be worth it in 110 degree heat. (I actually took this picture for Katie, because she loves Jesse.)

I actually took this for Katie, because she loves Jesse.

4. Exploring the old strip. We originally went there to do the zip line, but the line was long and it was HOT. So, we settled for some drinks, a little black jack, and that cheap t-shirt buying I mentioned above. It's pretty much the anti-strip... opposite in so many ways, and much, much less expensive. I don't think we'll go back, but I would have liked to see the "ceiling" lit up at night.

5. Shopping at Fashion Show (namely Zara and Topshop, neither of which I have in KC). As an early bday present I got a couple lipsticks (in Rio Rio and Satorial) and a sweatshirt blazer from Topshop.

Everything else that happened, we left it in Vegas. Just kidding. Viva Las Vegas!

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