Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Knob Off

We decided to get the Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer dresser in white to use as the baby's changing table (and dresser, duh).  We have the same one in black-brown in our bedroom, and like the simple design and super price.  Also, I love that once we don't need it to change diapers, it's still 100% functional.
But I don't love the drawer pulls that come with the dresser.  So, I found some on clearance at Anthropologie for $2.98 a piece (sorry, no longer available).  Thank goodness they were a steal because we had to buy 12 of them!  They aren't my #1 choice, but for the price, I love them.  The only problem was that they are attached to screws that stick 3" into each drawer.  We didn't have the right tools to fix the problem, so we headed to Home Depot to figure something out.  No one had a great solution until finally I just asked someone if they could do us a favor and cut them for us in the tool rental section.  They have some giant cutters, and it took the guy 3 minutes to cut all 12.  Never hurts to ask!

Here is our finished dresser and some close-ups of the knobs:

Love the dresser!  I look forward to changing many, many, many diapers there.

My favorite thing in her room so far is probably the bathroom medicine cabinet - I did a switcharoo on that knob too:

Isn't it so CUTE?  The bunny is also from Anthropologie (available here) and the upgrade is definitely worth $10.  As you can see above, we've finally painted in Lil Homey's room!  The bedroom is Behr Paints in "Frolic," and the bathroom is Behr in "Cool Melon," both found at Home Depot.  We used no-VOC paint, and also mixed in a teaspoon of vanilla extract when we got home with the paint.  This is an awesome trick!  The room didn't smell like paint AT ALL when it was done.  So great!

Anyone else changed out boring knobs or handles for something more exciting?  Have a better solution to extra long screws than begging for special treatment at Home Depot?


  1. I love everything about this post!

  2. SO CUTE!!!!!! Oh man, don't tell Jeremy that Home depot cut the stupid long knobs for you! It took hours and a mess for him to cut the ones for Mallory's dresser. Next time we'll know :)