Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Burger vs. BRGR

The theme of this past weekend was Burger Battle - Dac and I were on a mission to test out a couple of the acclaimed best burgers in the KC area to see if they measured up to our favorite in Dallas - Village Burger Bar. So here is what happened in Burger vs. BRGR (yes, we ate at two burger joints in one weekend...fat):

1. Westport Flea Market
We went for the hole in the wall place on Friday. The atmosphere is nothing special, but we enjoyed the local bar feel and eclectic mix of people. The food experience didn't start off well... they got both of our orders wrong. We heard others complaining of the same thing. But, turned out it didn't matter, because the burger was AMAZING. One of those that you know is just super bad for you - it just melts in your mouth. The curly fries were, meh, just ok. We will definitely be going back - have a feeling I will crave that burger every once in awhile. I think this is my Jake's (another Dallas fav) of Kansas City.

images via yelp

2. BRGR Kitchen
I originally heard about BRGR from A Piece of Toast - another sisters blog (they are from Kansas City and now live in Dallas...weird huh?!). When we walked in, the vibe/decor already had me feeling like this was going to be my new VBB - but the menu/food was what really won us over.. They serve a wide variety of beers in cans which we thought was cool (bottle options too). The waitress recommended the Juicy Lucy - their most popular burger, probably because the cheese is stuffed in the middle of the burger. I went with that one, and Dac got the traditional BRGR. When mine came, they warned me to cut into it first or I might shoot Dac in the eye with the cheese. So much goodness was wrapped in and around that burger. It was heaven. I don't think a fattening meal has ever been so worth it. And the sweet potato fries were perfect too, which scored even more points for BRGR. 

images via BRGR

If it wasn't already obvious, BRGR Kitchen was the clear winner to us. We will be taking all visitors there. Have you had a good burger lately?

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  1. I WANT TO GO TO THERE!!!! (the 2nd one) Here in France we have to DIY hamburgers haha... such a shame! What I would give for a VBB double date w/ you guys right now!!