Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My "Run-In" With Martha Stewart

This past Friday, Dac heard at work that Martha Stewart was in town for a book signing that night. When I heard this, I hopped online immediately (thinking, how on earth did I not know about this?!)...only to be severely disappointed. The price tag for admission was $75, which would mean $150 for both of us to go. As much as I love Martha and daydream about having her life or being as crafty and just all around on TOP of it as her, I just couldn't justify it.

I wasn't willing to give up there, though. We went down to the Plaza, to Unity Temple where she would be presenting, just to "see what was going on." I was convinced I could somehow bump into her or at least catch a glimpse. It turned out being much easier than I thought. We just walked in through the back door, and we think we could have easily just walked into the auditorium and sat down and nobody would have noticed - too bad we're such goody two shoes nerds. I DID see her through the glass doors of the auditorium though, so I decided that would have to be sufficient.

You can tell that's her, right? Because it totally is. I was in the same building as Martha Stewart!
And I found out why the admission ticket was $75... because her whopping 6 lb. book is $75 itself:

So while I wasn't willing to spring $75 for this book at the moment, I definitely do subscribe to her magazine. Martha Stewart Living is a monthly source of happiness and inspiration for me. I just got the December issue on Friday (ironic?), and it is full of great stuff like...

Wrap Stars:
A life goal of mine is to be able to wrap presents like Martha - always so pretty and perfect.

Brownie Bow:
A clever idea to stencil a shape onto a brownie! Bow stencil available on Martha's website.

Doily Runner:
Who knew doilies could look so cool and un-granny like? All it took was a coat of metallic glitter!

Very Special Storybooks:
This was my favorite idea in the magazine by far. Martha turned photos of her granddaughter Jude into storybooks as a gift for her first Christmas. Much better than simple captions in a scrapbook, these fictional stories Martha created will be a fun and special keepsake for Jude to treasure. Adorable.

Nice to meet you, Martha.

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  1. This is awesome!! I was wondering about the tweets on Martha... haha love it!