Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Guess I Like Stuff That's Madewell

I'm working on putting together my Christmas wish list - a task that is ever so much more complicated thanks to Pinterest, because there are one MILLION things I want - and I find that I keep going back and adding more and more items from Madewell. It seems they have even MORE stuff I want now that I'm not in Dallas anymore where there is a store (sigh, I miss Northpark). I will say that Madewell is the only store (ok, other than IKEA) that I love that I can't find here in Kansas City. And...H&M opens on the Plaza TOMORROW!!! KC rules.

So, if Madewell asked me to make a "Jayne's Wish List" for their website (totally going to happen):

1. Spotted Snowfall Sweater 2. Railway Minibag 3. Furry Earmuffs 4. Llama Love Sweater 5. Cheetah Print Mini Wallet 6. Jolie Belt 7. Leopard Skimmer 8. Sparkle Bib Necklace 9. Buckle-Up Wedge 10. Arrow Bracelet 11. Lumbercheck Tunic 12. Spotted Snowfall Hat 13. Striped Mohair Sweater 14. blanknyc Skinny Jeans

See what I mean? I know you're editing your wish list right now.

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