Monday, November 7, 2011

Confetti Betty

When Jayne and Mom came to DC about a month ago, I was bound and determined to get their help with a few projects around the house. After I saw this confetti canvas on Pinterest, making something similar was added to my list:

From the Mint Love Social Club blog
I thought it might be cool to incorporate a little more color, so my mom and I picked out a few sheets of thick paper and some shiny tissue paper at Michael's, along with a giant canvas (I only buy these when they are at least 50% off.) I already owned a circle punch (mine is from Michael's, but I couldn't find it online. This looks similar.)

The process is as simple as it looks - we cut circles out of all the thicker paper using the punch, then traced and cut circles from the tissue paper by hand. Jayne and I spent about 30 minutes playing around with the circles on the canvas until we came up with an arrangement we liked. During the process, I took pictures to see if we liked it on the camera, which we both thought was helpful.

Then we just used Elmer's glue to glue them down. I watered some glue down in a little bowl and used a paint brush to attach the tissue paper circles. If I were to do this again, I would probably use spray adhesive. To make sure everything was secure, we used books (Henry's law school books came in handy!) to weigh down the circles overnight. 

And here is the finished product, hanging above our bed:

I'm happy to have something on the wall...I like it, but I'm not in love with it. I think it might look better once we paint the room. I do love making our own art because it wasn't expensive ($25 for the canvas and approximately $5 for the paper), so if I want to change it up down the road, no big deal. I could always cover the canvas in fabric or add more to the circles to mix it up. Plus, I was able to customize it with colors that I chose (the curtains in our bedroom our navy velvet, so the navy circles pick that up.) Anyone else have ideas for large, inexpensive art?

PS: I added this to the "Fall Pinterest Challenge" submissions over on one of our favorite blogs, "Young House Love." See the challenge those professional bloggers took on here.


  1. I want one of these. It is awesome. Come to Chicago and study my color schemes so you can make me one!