Thursday, November 3, 2011

Garland Party

Garland creates a little extra party anywhere it hangs - whether on a wall, a mantle, a doorway, or above a dessert table. Something about pretty colors and textures strung together makes me very happy. You can go DIY style, buy it pre-made, buy an easy-to-assemble kit (Paper Source has some good ones) - whatever method you decide, there are endless options out there - including...

(via Etsy)


(via Etsy)

Pom Pom:
(via Etsy)

Clothespins (a different shade of clothes pin on each strand - how cool is that?!):

Knitted (if I knew how to knit):

(Paper) Animals:



This is a sparkly little 2011 garland Katie and I made last New Year's Eve, thanks to a handy little Martha Stewart tutorial:

Happy garlanding!

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