Monday, November 14, 2011

Seasons Greetings

Part of me hates to deal with anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but that part of me has to get over it. Figuring out your holiday cards are usually early on the to-do list - and if they're not, they usually end up on my "that'll be great for next year" list. If any of y'all are still searching, I pulled together some of my favorites this year. There's only one photo card on the list, from my favorite source for those - Beautiful products and good customer service.

My mom and I talked about ordering a set of the "Music Notes" (below, #4) just to frame because they're so cool. Anyone else have suggestions for card sources? What's the best card you've ever received? My favorite every year comes from our friends (and our amazing wedding photographers) bobbi+mike. See their most recent Christmas card here (which has links to their past cards, including my very favorite, inspired by "A Christmas Story" found here).

2) Christmas Crackers Letterpress Cards
3) Good Cheer Letterpress Cards
4) Music Notes Holiday Cards
5) Tis the Season
6) New Years Burst
7) Pop Fizz Clink

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